Gentle Release Therapy

Gentle Release

 A wonderfully gentle therapy that could almost be considered a mixture of Energy Work and Acupuncture (without the needles),  which combined with additional techniques creates a synergy that allows the body to release.

The emotional and the physical are intrinsically linked, held together in the body, patterns of emotional and physical trauma locked away.
Which is fine...until you are holding on to too much and it starts to affect the flow of energy (qi) around the body.  Energy can't get through easily, having to squeeze past or push through and your body is working harder and harder. 
You start feeling tired, physical symptoms are appearing, you may find it hard to motivate yourself, you have 101 things to do but everyone is a struggle.
Gentle Release Therapy locates these areas that are blocked and using gentle techniques allows the body release and the energy to flow freely once more and by doing this helps to resolve many physical and emotional problems. 

The session can work in a few ways:

* I can work to simply balance your body for you and deal with any "blockages" that I come across - great for a bit of stress, relaxation or if you're not feeling 100% confident in having a session.

* We can deal with an "issue" that you are struggling with ie anxiety, constipation, bloating, lack of focus, menopause symptoms etc.

* We can deal with a specific "trauma" and release the stress that this causes you.

£50 - One Hour Session
Gentle Release Online Zoom Session

If you can't make it to the treatment room or would prefer to have a session from the comfort of your own bed, this therapy works beautifully online.  It works in exactly the same way as an in person session, though I will be "picturing" my hands in the locations instead of actually being on them.  Yes, I realise this might sound weird to some people but this is energy work at it's finest. All you need for the session is access to zoom, a bed/sofa and possibly a blanket.  When you book the session, you will be sent your zoom details in your confirmation email.​

£50- One Hour Session