Gentle Release Meditations

Gentle Release is a gorgeous treatment that allows the body to gently let go of any blocks that are holding you back. These self meditation tracks are great for topping up the work you have done with me or as a gentle introduction into the amazing healing power of Gentle Release.

To use the tracks, make yourself snug, allow yourself the time out and let your mind and body drift away.  

If you love the session and think you need more specific work doing, then you can read more about it or book yourself in for an online or in person treatment now (book now button on home page)

Unlock Self Love

This gorgeous track is a 45 minute self meditation, with the aim of being kinder to yourself. Unlike ordinary meditation where you may struggle to try to keep your mind blank, this guided release helps shows you where to place your hands on your body to allow calm, peacefulness and self love to flow easily.

You can listen here on the site or download to your phone/computer to listen to later.  

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