Fertility & Pregnancy

Fertility Treatments

Are you trying to conceive?  Are you planning to try soon and want to get in to the best place you can be? Sometimes something that should be so easy and natural can be a struggle and that's where massage and reflexology may help you. 

Whilst I can not make claims that I will help you fall pregnant, I can confirm that anyone who is stressed, anxious or carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders will find it harder to fall pregnant.  Both massage and reflexology have been proven to reduce the effects of this, which may in turn help you fall pregnant easier.  If you would like to discuss your personal situation to see how treatment may help you then please feel free to contact me

£45 - One Hour Session
(book in as a one hour remedial massage or one hour reflexology depending on preference)
Maternity Massage

When you are carrying your precious cargo, you need to know that you are both in safe hands.  I hold a full maternity diploma that means I can offer massage during any stage of pregnancy.  With years of experience, I know exactly what mummy to be needs to feel a little human again.

Treatment will be adapted to focus on the areas you need most but is a

full body massage.  This means the back, neck and shoulders are worked,

then the legs to relieve aching and tired legs and reduce any swelling.

£45 - One Hour Session

Maternity Reflexology
Maternity Reflexology Full Shot.jpg

With a full Maternity diploma I can offer reflexology during any stage of pregnancy.  

Working on the feet, this treatment is perfect for maintaining balance for mummy to be. It is also extremely relaxing and offers mum to be a chance to relax and ease some of the aches and pains associated with pregnancy.  In turn this may aid better sleep amongst many other benefits.

£45 - One Hour Session